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The Warnicks


The first Warnick Family Reunion, descendants of Luther Sherman Warnick, was held on Sunday, July 27th 2008 at the home of Delmos and Diana Warnick. This home was built by Luther Russell Warnick, son of Luther Sherman Warnick. This gave us a starting point to gather information like names and addresses. We had twenty people in attendance and had a great picnic and a lot of fun.

Over the next year we were able to get in contact with a lot of relatives and encourage them to try to attend. The second annual reunion was held at the same location on Sunday, July 26, 2009. We were very pleased to welcome all the guests, both local and out-of-town. Leroy Warnick, 91, (Luther Sherman's son) and his wife Marie from Baltimore came with his son Roger and his wife, Kathy. Leroy's son Vernon, was also present. Other guests included Aunt Nina Keefer (Delmos' mothers sister-in-law); Lois Anderson (Deloris Warnick Edgar's daughter); Jason Brenneman (Lois' son) and his wife Klarissa, and Beau; Doris Tichinel Skipper and Louise Tichinel Conklyn, daughters of George Tichinel and Juanita Warnick Tichinel (Luther Sherman Warnicks daughter); Lillian Wertz and granddaughter Twila Huerta and great grandson Brandon Huerta; Carl and Paula Cosner, Amanda and Jerry Cosner, April Cosner Rodeheaver, Carrie O'Haver Martin, Charlie O'Haver(Diana's sister and brother); Richard and Hannah Hostutler(Diana's daughter) and son, Alex, and Jesse Paugh (Diana Warnick's son). Diana is also a Warnick descendant. Her mother was Lena Herman O'Haver, grandmother was Bessie Jane Warnick Herman, great grandfather was Trout Warnick, great great grandfather was Andrew Jackson Warnick, and great great great grandparents were John and Patsey Warnick.

Delmos had a box of old pictures that belonged to his mother.  Most were labeled on the back, but a lot of them were not identified. Delmos' Uncle Leroy was able to immediately recognize just about all of the pictures and give us names and stories about those people. We are very happy to be able to label these pictures of our ancestors so that they can be preserved in the Warnick history for generations to come. Several of these pictures were from the 1800s. We had one old picture that we weren't sure of which was marked on the back “Grandma and Grandpa Warnick”. We thought this might be the same people as in the big picture we have which is Henry Bouse Warnick and Clarissa Beaver (Bever) Warnick. As soon as Leroy saw it he said “No, I remember that picture. That's not them. That's Grandpa Warnick's parents!” That would mean that we have a picture of John Warnick and Ary temperance Kight Warnick, so we have family pictures going back 8 generations in our album. It has been noted that John Warnick died when he was about 30 and that Henry Bouse Warnick had a stepfather, so it could be that the people in this picture could be Ary Temperance Kight Warnick and the second husband, but it would be almost impossible to document that. In the family history, I have added notes that will explain the relevance of a lot of these pictures.

 If anyone can help me add to the family tree information, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. There are a lot of children and grandchildren who have not been included yet, and we need a lot of birth and death dates.  We will be revising and fine-tuning the website frequently.

Many thanks go to Walt Warnick of Laytonsville, MD and Carrie Martin of Monongah, WV for all the helpful information they have provided to us in developing our family history pages.  A special thanks goes to Uncle Leroy Warnick of Baltimore, MD for helping us identify a lot of the old pictures that we have.  We couldn't have done it without all of  you.  

We are looking forward to a bigger reunion next summer. It will be held here at at Delmos' and Diana's house at 18 Mount Nebo Road in Oakland each year on the last Sunday in July at 1:00 PM. Please pass the word.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Delmos and Diana Warnick